Suzuki Minori is a new voice actress and anisong singer who first debut in this season’s Macross Delta. Why is it so significant? It’s because she is acting as the voice of lead character Freyja Wion and she’s even one of the lead singers in almost all the songs in the Macross Delta singles and albums.

Suzuki Minori is born on 1 Oct 1997, and was picked out of 8000 people from the audition for the anime. Before this, she had done zero voice acting work.


Voice acting as the lead character of the latest anime project from the legendary Macross franchise must be stressful, but Suzuki has done an amazing (although not 100% perfect) job in providing the sweet and genki personality to Freyja, and adding in little quirks that set the Windermere apart from the humans. Some fans may argue that she sounds exactly the same as Freyja and in interviews as herself, but for a first-timer, it must have already been a huge accomplishment.

Her singing is clear and beautiful, although it may sound generic in the anime world. But frankly speaking, her singing is a lot more stable than the 15-year-old JUNNA, who is singing as the Macross idol unit Walkure’s lead singer Mikumo. Another point that makes Suzuki a better singer in the Macross world is her role as the voice actress – she holds the personality of Freyja Wion and can inject it into her singing too. When listening to Freyja’s solo songs like “Rune ga Pikatto Hikattara” (first ED), you could only see Freyja in your mind.


Check out Suzuki Minori singing the classic Macross song “Do you remember love”:


With Macross Delta coming to an end in a few weeks, we have yet to hear any new role announcement for Suzuki Minori. I hope that she is just busy with all the promotions, and will pick up a new project soon!