The beauty of Persona games is that you live the life of a high-school student with a secret, for one academic year. With time as a big element to excel in the game, it’s not an easy feat to manage your day-to-day in the game. Each day may seem short, but they all add up to who your character (and the party) develops to become. Thankfully, we don’t have to spend everyday in the game blindly. As there’re guides online to help us maximise every single day. Here’s a list of the most comprehensive guides online right now:

Persona 5 Compendium

This page brings you through a list of every Persona categorised by Arcana. (Click here)

Confidant Presents

To gain favour with confidants, you can give them presents. This guides show you which presents are the confidants’ favourite, and where to find them. (Click here)

Platinum Trophy Guide

This guide helps you unlock the trophies on PlayStation Network. But do note that this guide is based on the Japanese version currently. (Click here)

Coorperation Guide

A thorough guide to win the affection of the confidants. Including conversation choices, although they are based on Japanese version for now. (Click here)

Spoiler-free Walkthrough

Gamers who have completed the Japanese version have put together a pretty thorough spoiler-free walkthrough that goes into time management, confidants and the personas. (Click here)