About digihara

digihara is a site dedicated to the lifestyle of anime fans and gamers. It is the short form for digital Harajuku, one of the most iconic spots in Tokyo, where traditional Japanese culture, sub-culture and mainstream fashion all meet in one place, just like digihara.

It is also the personal blog of an otaku, Miki, who’d love to share her personal experiences and findings

Harajuku Station

Miki Sim

About Miki

Since young, I’ve always loved Japanese pop culture. I have been into J-pop, J-drama, anime and eventually Japanese games. This part of me has always been in my blood. Like many other Japanese pop culture fans, I’ve studied the Japanese language, travelled to Japan multiple times and also had the opportunity to live in Japan for some time.

Eventually, I came back to where I am from, Singapore. Although I’ve started my adult life in the corporate world, the child in me that loves otaku culture has never left. I try to strike a balance between my daily grind and my otaku interest, continuing to spend a big part of my time watching anime, listening to Japanese music and playing Japanese games. My love for otaku culture has always been something that I am proud of, something I want to share with others – also the reason behind this blog, which doesn’t just cover anime or game reviews, but also to share about an otaku’s life.

Anime and games I love: Persona series, Fire Emblem Awakening, Kuroko no Basket, Guilty Crown, Code Geass, Danganronpa, The World Ends With You

Other than digihara, I also write for Red Bull and Ninja Detective.

Reach me on Facebook, Twitter or through email: miki -at- digihara.net