Despite the decline in Tumblr’s popularity, there’s still a thriving anime community living on the platform. Amongst the millions of anime fans Tumblr blogs, we’ve picked out 5 unique ones worth checking out, whether you are a frequent Tumblr reblogger or not:

Anime Recipes


As the title indicates, this Tumblr blog creates real-world recipes from the amazing looking food we always see on anime shows. I can’t say if they work or not, since I haven’t tried it before.

Check it out here.

Ani Living


It’s surprising how often we step into houses/rooms of anime characters but not notice the amount of effort the anime creators put into decorating the houses/rooms to match the characters’ personalities. I came across this blog when I was searching for interior inspirations for my new home. The blog is great as it provides a good view of average Japanese family homes, unlike interior design magazines that often feature amazing works that can only be done by interior designers (usually).

Check it out here.

Anime Figure Blog


Figurine + photography is a match made in heaven. This Tumblr blog features not only generic product images of figurines but artistic shots taken by fans.

Check it out here.

Anime Foodie


This blog is for any anime fans who have always found food featured in anime looking delicious. It features GIFs of anime food that look so real and yummy that they trigger hunger and craving for the food.

Check it out here.



How can we have a list without a cosplay blog? Anime-Cosplay is a Tumblr blog that features selected cosplays from both the west and the east, providing inspirations to both cosplayers and photographers!

Check it out here.


Is there any other interesting Tumblr blogs you love but not featured here? Share with us in the comments below and we’ll add it into the list!